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e-Learning has seen a tremendous growth during the past decade concurrent with the rapid development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). As evidence, more discussion platforms, knowledge sharing sessions, printed references and institutions of learning are moving towards this direction, embracing, discussing and documenting what is happening across the education area. The Internet and the World Wide Web have certainly change the way information and knowledge is constructed, managed and shared as seen in the growth and expansion in the field of education thus having a deep impact on the way teaching and learning is delivered. At the same time educators are faced with challenges and tasks of teaching and learning with technologies en route to becoming e-educators.

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, the Most-Merciful, the Most-Gracious and Peace be upon Allah’s Messenger. With the guidance and blessings from Allah, we managed continue sharing of the various papers presented in the respective conferences and seminars on e-learning, e-education and online learning system. It is with great hope that this serial of publications can afford some benefits to today’s challenging world of education.

This edition contains 7 articles in which the discussion and analysis revolves around the e-learning and e-education that touches the basic concepts and principles of e-learning, sharing of best practices, developing e-learning system and some i-Learn case studies or best practices. This e-book is a humble collection of edited paper works presented at various national and International conferences and seminars in e-learning, e-education and digital system area. These articles are semi-academically presented in bi-languages (English and Bahasa Malaysia) to benefit all readers. The impetus behind this book is the awareness that e-learning discussions are essential in the societal context of today or the teaching and learning society of e-learning in the future. We believe that the sharing of expertise and experiences in this collection of works help to strengthen the aspects and implementation of e-Learning, be more organized with clear mechanisms and to acculturate a rapid growth of e-Learning. It is our hope that this small contribution can be utilized to the maximum in improving the quality of teaching and learning in the Malaysian e-Learning scenario.

We welcome all authors to contribute papers regarding e-Learning or education to be published in our inside e-Learning Online Series.

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