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Academic Affairs

The Distance Learning Division (Academic & Student Affairs) manages all academic affairs of the iCEPS. They overseeing the wide spectrum of:
  • Academic Development
  • Academic Operations Management
  • Academic Management
  • Academic Curriculum
  • Academic Accreditation and Digitization
How To Contact

Each program will be managed by staff to help students from the beginning as student status until graduate.

They can be contacted according to their respective programs.

Student Finance

Finance department (BKZ- Zone 18) is focusing on finances & accounting management such as procurement and payment, payment to suppliers, staff and students, asset record, student financial and emolument payment.

Financial Assistance

We recommend that you read through all the terms and conditions of those that you are interested in, and select the one that best suits your needs.

Counselling Services

Counselling Unit offers free counselling services to students in accordance to the Counsellor Code of Ethics by Malaysia Board of Counsellor. Counselling sessions are conducted by registered counsellors to assist clients to cope with their issues and to improve their personal well-being. In addition to counselling sessions, other services include guidance and consultation sessions, administration of psychological tests and through the implementation of psychological development and counselling programs.

Students have to deal directly with the parties concerned.

Please Visit Counselling2u page for further info.

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